See you at the market: John Dikeman

Posted on 24 May 2019 in Concerts, Media, News, Video

See you at the Market: John Dikeman

John Dikeman, originally from Wyoming, burst onto the Amsterdam scene 10 years ago, bringing with him a ferocious sensibility to the saxophone with an emphasis on pure sound and expression. His playing draws on the history of what could be called American free jazz but with a knowledge of various more European approaches sometimes termed non-idiomatic improvisation. Having performed since an early age all over the world in a wide range of settings, jazz, blues, classical, and even Arabic music have informed his sensibilities to make him a surprisingly versatile player. He’s a member of countless ensembles, some of which are Dikeman/Parker/Drake, Cactus Truck, Universal Indians, Spinifex to name just a few.

Dikeman will also be composing a large ensemble piece for The Market, “something of a suite based on the sound of a person walking through a busy market, warding off annoying salesman, and occasionally being swept up into the commercial mess.”