see you at the market: Harald Austbø

Posted on 15 May 2019 in Concerts, Image, Media, News, Video

Third up in See you at The Market: Harald Austbø.
Harald Austbø is known for his creative and original contributions to the theater and music worlds as actor, singer and cellist. He is freakishly talented, equally at home serving the bass role in a jazz group as playing thoroughly notated melodic lines. Quite often, he’ll do both at the same time whilst beatboxing or improvising nonsense rap over top. Something of a highly dependable wild-card, he manages to provide rock solid support to any ensemble he performs with yet remain spontaneous, drawing on a wealth of influences from jazz, classical, rock, pop, samba, hip hop, spoken word, poetry, theater, performance art and improvisation of all sorts.
He plays in Doek group The Ambush Party and has collaborated with numerous Doek artists and projects. His solo at 7 in the morning from the Doek Festival 2017 all night closing party was particularly memorable.
Harald is hard to capture in words, we’ll post some clips instead: