“It was like a huge painting that came to life and everyone was part of it.”

Martin Schray

Oscar Jan Hoogland
14 record players
slot machine
2 analogue synthesisers
electric clavichord
10 megaphones
3 reel-to-reel tape recorders
3 intonarumori
sirens, bells, glass containers, whistles
2 horn speakers
8 amplifiers
ghetto blaster
crackle box
analogue rhythm box
2 radios

Jasper Stadhouders
electric guitar
acoustic guitar
bass guitar

Christian Lillinger – drums


Originally conceived as a one-off performance at the legendary October Meeting 2016 at the Bimhuis, it soon became clear that Dutch multi-instrumentalist artists Oscar Jan Hoogland and Jasper Stadhouders and top Berlin percussionist Christian Lillinger should continue this madness. Since then the trio presents an innovative performance concept they call PRACTICAL MUSIC.

The extremely physical playing of Stadhouders and Lillinger, musicians who can change direction every micro second and often do so, find a counterpart in Hoogland’s physicality, who with the tranquility of a technician in his studio turns the various devices on, off or adjusts them to tell their story at the pace of the machine: imperturbably set in long arches over time.

PRACTICAL MUSIC questions the essence of improvisation as music in the moment and opens up a new universe between the poles of installation, performance art and improvised music.


Listen here at VPRO