Kaja Draksler – piano
Onno Govaert – drums

“A highly satisfying adventure/…/ The duo is not afraid to insert pregnant silences or negative spaces into the texture, inviting the audience to fill in its own version of the story. Even at their most climactic, midway through the title track, Draksler and Govaert know just when to pull back and save a little excitement for later. “
Tom Greenland, New York City Jazz Record


Feecho brings together two of the most talented musicians of the current generation of European improvisers. Based in Amsterdam, with origins in Holland and Slovenia, they combine a thorough knowledge of the European classical music history with an extreme sense of earthly energy to be found in the most pure forms of improvised or traditional folk music. A Feecho concert is a jump into the unknown; changes of moods and textures may happen abruptly, but they magically always seem like the most logical and natural way for the music to go. The combination of incredible musicality and intelligent sense of form is very rare for musicians of such age as Kaja Draksler and Onno Govaert. Their maturity speaks for itself and is embodied by the interplay which consists not only of an almost scary like-mindedness, but also of a respect for each other’s personal ideas and history of music.