Eric Boeren – cornet
Peter Evans – trumpet
Jason Adasiewicz – vibraphone
Tobias Delius – tenor saxophone and clarinet

“The band juggles styles and techniques, but it was never blasé, stuffy or affected. Boeren’s deprecating humour infected the whole quartet, who treated the audience to a wonderful concert full of adventure.”

Guy Peters, Goddeau


Four cities – Amsterdam, Chicago, Berlin and New York – in one group. Eric Boeren put together Boerenbond for the dOeK Festival #8. Peter Evans is currently one of the biggest talents on trumpet in both the composed and improvised music scenes. Jason Adasiewicz brings a fresh approach to the vibraphone, with contrapuntal lines and wild improvisations. Add the final ingredients – the energy and intensity of Tobias Delius on saxophone and Eric Boeren’s intriguing compositions – for a very tasty quartet.

Eric: “When I first heard the New York trumpet player Peter Evans, I was completely bowled over. The power and authority with which he plays is phenomenal, and with a range and ease that can only make a fellow trumpetist jealous. For 2 years I walked around with the question: “What would it be like to play with Peter in an improvised setting?” I had a similar experience with vibes player Jason Jason Adasiewicz from Chicago. Kleng. Peng. Fantastic contrapuntal lines. “Where does he get those notes from? You can tell he knows about tuned percussion in the African context too. And then he casually lays down a couple of harmonies that manage to suggest a fast tempo. I immediately thought: “I want him in the band as well.” Tobias Delius can also suggest speed and not play fast. He evokes an energy and intensity that gives me the shivers. With loud, well-placed accents. On top of that we admitted to each other years ago that we like the sound of a vibraphone. Which is actually not allowed. So then I had my band. We played at the dOeK Festival #8 in December 2009, and it was great.“