Friday 12 May – Friday 19 May

In a departure from tradition, this year’s Doek Festival will be part of The Present Is Present, a week long festival highlighting the rich and diverse universe of creative music in Amsterdam. The scene is bursting with new artists, groups, venues and series popping up all over town, crossing generations, genres and boundaries and injecting new life into the city. The Present Is Present celebrates this vibrant scene. It also marks the launch of a new website, Present Sounds Amsterdam. An initiative of Doek, the site is the guide to adventurous music events in Amsterdam, and, like The Present Is Present, is a joint production of Amsterdam’s creative music programmers.

Kicking off with two Doek nights at the Bimhuis, The Present is Present will feature the latest cutting-edge bands on the scene, a guerrilla bicycle tour blending music with the sounds of the street, and late night dancing to the wildest live music. A packed program takes you on a voyage of discovery to exciting venues and music series – Pintotonics, Splendor, Impro Jam, Zaal 100, De Tanker, OCCII – culminating in a sure to be legendary all-nighter at De Ruimte.

Friday 12 May

Bimhuis 20:30

Uldis Vitols Sextet
Adrien Losco – tenor sax, Alistair Payne trumpet, Camille Verhaak – clarinet, Linus Kleinlosen – alto sax, Uldis Vitols – bass, Tancrède Derijard-Kummer – drums
George Hadow
Solo drums
Native Speaker
Natalio Sued – tenor sax, Matt Adomeit – bass, Tristan Renfrow – drums

De Ruimte: Second Stop is Jupiter 23:00

Opening party – dancing to live jazz, Turkish and cumbia music
Set 1 John Dikeman – tenor sax, Oscar Jan Hoogland – piano, Uldis Vitols – bass, Onno Govaert – drums
Set 2 Band 1 plus Eva Hoogland – vocals, Vincente Pino – guitar, Fabio Galeazzi – drums
Set 3 Band 1 plus Ivo Sprey – vocals, Vincente Pino – guitar, Miguel Petruccelli – bass, Fabio Galeazzi – drums

Saturday 13 May

Bimhuis 20:30

Felicity Provan 5tet
Felicity Provan – trompet, Han Buhrs – voice, Harald Austbø – cello/voice, Ada Rave – tenor sax, Michael Vatcher – drums
Nicolás Chientaroli
Solo piano
Native Aliens
Renato Ferreira – tenor/baritone sax, Yedo Gibson soprano sax, Laura Polence – voice, George Dumitriu – viola/guitar, JanWillem van der Ham – bassoon/alto sax, Miguel Petrucelli – bass guitar/guitar, Saartje van Camp – cello, Onno Govaert – drums/pandeiro

Bimhuis Cafe

Trio Ouro plays the music of Pixinguinha
Laura Polence – piano & vocals, George Dumitriu – violin, Onno Govaert – pandeiro
Impro Jam guerrilla action in the bar – roll the dice to see who plays!

Sunday 14 May

Afternoon Bicycle Tour 13:30 – 17:30

Impro and more on the streets of Amsterdam curated by Kaja Draksler, Oscar Jan Hoogland, Volle Band.

Splendor 20:30

Giuseppe Doronzo – baritone saxophone, Esat Ekincioglu – bass, Simon Leleux – percussion
Sanem Kalfa & George Dumitriu Duo
Sanem Kalfa – voice, George Dumitriu – violin
Salmón, Lucifora, Buis, Warelis
Miriam den Boer Salmón – violin, Salvoandrea Lucifora – trombone, Joost Buis – trombone, Marta Warelis – piano

Monday 15 May

Huis de Pinto – Pintotonics 20:00

Maya Felixbrodt – solo viola

Han Buhrs – voice, Salvoandrea Lucifero – trombone, Wolter Wierbos – trombone

Tuesday 16 May

Zaal 100 – Jazzcafé 21:00

Xavier Pamplona Ensemble
Alistair Payne – trumpet, Ziv Taubenfeld – bass clarinet, Michael Moore – saxophone, clarinet, Giuseppe Doronzo – baritone sax, Marta Warelis – piano, George Hadow – drums, Raoul van der Weide – contrabass, composition, percussion

Zaal 100 – MD301

Oene van Geel – violin, Miri Lee – dance
el Otro
Arvind Ganga – guitar and objects, Manuela Tessi – dance

Impro Jam guerrilla action in the bar – roll the dice to see who plays!

Wednesday 17 May

Zaal 100 – Instant Music Day 20:30

Felicity Provan – cornet, Joost Buis – trombone, Miriam den Boer Salmón – violin, Raoul van der Weide – contrabass

Miri Lee – dance, Michael Moore – clarinet, saxophone Wilbert de Joode – contrabass

John Dikeman – saxophone, Kaja Draksler – piano

Thursday 18 May

Broedplaats Surinameplein – SUPImpro 20:00

Kristjan Martinsson – piano, Wilbert de Joode – bass, Yedo Gibson – saxophones

Ada Rave – saxophones, Eric Boeren – cornet, Michael Vatcher – drums

OCCII 22:30

John Dikeman – sax, Harald Austbø – cello, Marta Warelis – electric piano, Philipp Moser – drums
TERRIE + ANDY (The Ex guitars)
Terrie Hessels – guitar, Andy Moor – guitar
Miguel Petruccelli – bass guitar, Jasper Stadhouders – bass guitar, Onno Govaert – drums, Tristan Renfrow – drums

Friday 19 May

Roze Tanker 20:00

The Music of Hermeto Pascoal
Natalio Sued – reeds, Yedo Gibson – reeds, Ziv Taubenfeld – bass clarinet, Kristján Martinsson – accordion, Niels Brouwer – guitars, Renato Ferreira – double bass, Michael Vatcher – drums

De Ruimte 22:30

Festival all night closing party featuring The Zebra Street Band among others