May 3 is a full day of events at Zaal 100. DOEKompose, led by Kaja Draksler, will work on a whole new selection of compositions and perform them at 18:00. Then in the evening we have 2 stellar groups featuring international collaborations. Finally, we head to the Spinhuis for the final late night concert of Hook, Line & Sinker.

11:00 at Zaal 100

Composition Ensemble

Jason Roebke – bass, Keefe Jackson – saxophone, Jason Stein – bass clarinet, Josh Berman – cornet, Jeb Bishop – trombone, Greg Ward – alto saxophone, Joshua Abrams – bass, Christian Lillinger – drums, John Dikeman – tenor sax, baritone sax, Onno Govaert – drums, Michael Moore – alto sax, clarinet, Giuseppe Doronzo – baritone sax, Jasper Stadhouders – guitar, Oscar Jan Hoogland – piano, electric clavichord, Kaja Draksler – piano, Wilbert de Joode – double bass

After a great experience last year, Doek decided to continue with open rehearsals and performances of pieces written by musicians involved in the festival. Led by Kaja Draksler, the ensemble will work through and perform compositions by Jasper Stadhouders, Christian Lillinger, Joshua Abrams, Kaja Draksler, and Keefe Jackson among others.

Open rehearsals

Free entry

17:00 at Zaal 100

Composition Ensemble performance

Entry €8; €12 for both 17:00 and 20:30 concerts

20:30 at Zaal 100

Bishop, Borghini, Dikeman, Draksler, Lillinger

Jeb Bishop – trombone, Antonio Borghini – bass, John Dikeman – tenor sax, Kaja Draksler – piano, Christian Lillinger – drums

This performance will be the only truly ad hoc, fully improvised set featuring musicians representing all three cities. Though some of the musicians have worked together extensively – Jeb Bishop and John Dikeman; Christian Lillinger and Antonio Borghini – this will be the first time they perform together as a quintet, with one of Doek’s newest members, the internationally acclaimed pianist Kaja Draksler, completing the ensemble.

Constellation 100

Eric Boeren – cornet, Greg Ward – alto saxophone, Jason Adasiewicz – vibraphone, Wilbert de Joode – double bass, Mike Reed – drums

Constellation 100 is a continuation of the intensive contact between the Amsterdam and Chicago progressive music scenes, in Doek’s case particularly with the post Ken Vandermark generation – Mike Reed, Nate McBride, Jason Adasiewicz, Greg Ward, Dave Rempis, Josh Berman et al – who now congregate at Mike Reeds’ Chicago club Constellation. Mike, Jason and Greg play together in various formations, including Loose Assembly and Living by Lanterns. Eric and Wilbert have a long history together in the Eric Boeren 4tet, All Ellington and a host of ad hoc ensembles. Sun Rooms (Reed, Adasawiecz, McBride) performed at Doek Festival #10. Cross-Atlantic collaborations include guest appearances from Eric Boeren in Loose Assembly and Sun Rooms (Bimhuis), the band NEWS (Boeren, Cor Fuhler, Nate McBride, Mike Reed), an All Ellington edition in Chicago, performances by Jason Adasiewicz in Boerenbond and numerous ad hoc line-ups in both Chicago and Amsterdam.

Entry €8; €12 for both 17:00 and 20:30 concerts

23:00 at Torensluis/Spinhuis – doors open 22:00

Hook, Line & Sinker day 3

Tobias Delius – saxophone, clarinet, Antonio Borghini – bass, Axel Dörner – trumpet, Tristan Honsinger – cello

Hook, Line and Sinker represents 4 of the hardest working musicians in the Berlin scene. For this band, we wanted to replicate something of the vibe of underground venues in Berlin where improvised music is taking place. So we have the quartet playing late night concerts three nights in a row at the Spinhuis. It’s a totally unique environment under the Multatuli bridge and we think perfectly suited for Hook, Line & Sinker.

Entry by donation