Zaal 100

Zaal 100Podium for Unheard Sound Zaal 100 is there for everything, but not for all: no private or political parties, or religious meetings, mindless disco or other rituals, but it is there for toe-curling amateurs, remarkable concerts, bizarre dance, poetry of varying quality, exhibitions, mini conferences, meetings and other obscure secret meetings that have difficulty to find a place elsewhere.

June 2 + 3: Open rehearsals / Dinner / Concert
June 7: Dinner + Closing Party

Address: De Wittenstraat 100, 1052 BA Amsterdam


bimhuisThe Bimhuis provides a perspective on Dutch and international music in over 300 concerts annually, in which a variety of jazz and improvised music can be enjoyed. The focus is on new developments, but the Bimhuis also offers a significant selection of more mainstream music.

June 4: Anthony Braxton Birthday Concert
June 5: Concert
June 6: Misha Mengelberg Birthday Concert

Address: Piet Heinkade 3, 1019 BR Amsterdam

Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam

Oba AmsterdamTuesday June 2 at 17:00 the talk by Anthony Braxton will take place at Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam (OBA) , the Amsterdam public library on Oosterdokkade. This talk is part of a series initiated by the Bimhuis in Theater van ’t Woord, on the 7th floor of the OBA. The talks feature music and stories by renowned musicians and are aimed at music lovers, musicians, students and Bimhuis and OBA visitors.

Address: Oosterdokskade 143, 1011 Amsterdam

Amsterdam Real Book bicycle tour

On June 7 the bicycle tour will take place on 4 micro stages in Amsterdam centre:

Pianola Museum

Pianola MuseumThe Pianola Museum is located in the Jordaan, a 17th century quarter of Amsterdam, west of the old town centre. It is one of the smaller museums in the city. The museum has a collection of automatic pianos and related objects. There are over 25,000 music rolls in the museum archive. Nearly all of them can be played on the different instruments in the museum. The visitor will be informed about the history and the technique of the instruments. The attention however will always be focused on the music.

Address: Westerstraat 106, 1015 MN Amsterdam

Torpedo Theater

Torpedo TheaterSinds 2001 wordt het Torpedo Theater (known as the Parooltheater until 2012) has excellent acoustics and presents intimate music and theater performances. Interviews, discussions and presentations are also regularly on offer. The programming focusses on topical subjects in the arts, culture, science, politics and society.

Address: Sint Pieterspoortsteeg 33, 1012 HM Amsterdam

Het Perron

Het PerronHet Perron is a try-out podium where professioanl artists can present their production – or part of it – to a small audience in an intimate, supportive environment. The Perron seats 50 and has a raised podium with a grand piano. Try-out places for professionals are hard to find. Het Perron may not be able to grow in capacity, it can certainly grow in name, calibre and reputation.

Address: Egelantiersstraat 130, Amsterdam

Straattheater Instituut Nederland

SIN SIN (Street Theater Institute Netherlands) is located at the NDSM in Amsterdam Noord. SIN comprises a small theatre, library, cinema, rehearsal space, workshop for sets and decor plus an office and meeting space.

Address: NDSM-werf, Tt. Neveritaweg 61, Noord, Amsterdam