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April 30, Zaal 100
May 3, Zaal 100 afternoon performance

Eric Boeren – cornet, interviewer
Michael Moore – saxophone, interviewer

April 30
Paul Lovens – drums
Natalio Sued – saxophone
Peter Evans – trumpet

May 3
Hamid Drake – drums
Sylvie Courvoisier – piano
Dieter Manderscheid – bass

Musicians spend remarkably little time talking together about their music. When they do, the subjects broached are rarely what you find in interviews: “What is tone?” ” How do you start a note?” “And how does one note lead to another?” “Playing in layers…” “Presence…”

Not trying to sit in the chair of the music journalist we want to delve into the inner lives of the invited musicians and partake in a frank discussion with the public.

All six guests are masters of their instruments; experienced improvisers with a distinctly idiosyncratic voice. In addition, they are all fantastic ensemble players. They all know how to compliment their fellow musicians or, when necessary, take the music in new directions. But, doesn’t that just naturally happen by itself? Actually, no!

How did they find their identity? Who are their influences? How much do they practice? And what? How much music is in their lives? Do they wake up and go to bed surrounded by sound? Perhaps we’ll get answers to some of these questions.

In preparation for these interviews we have asked all of the artists to send a one hour playlist featuring some of their favorite music. From this playlist they have chosen a 3 minute excerpt which we will play for the audience to start off the interviews. As a conclusion, we will end with a duo between the artist and host.

Eric Boeren ( cornetist, composer and band leader ) will lead interviews Wednesday, April 30, 2014 with the legendary German drummer Paul Lovens and Argentinian saxophonist Natalio Sued, who immigrated to Amsterdam in 2001 to study at the Amsterdam Conservatory. Between these interviews, Michael Moore ( alto saxophone and clarinet , composer and bandleader ) will conduct a conversation with the New York trumpet phenomenon Peter Evans.

On Saturday afternoon, May 3, 2014 Eric Boeren will interview Chicago drummer Hamid Drake, the German bassist and manager of the conservatory in Cologne Dieter Manderscheid and the New York-based Swiss pianist Sylvie Courvoisier.