This is Our Music – Artist portrait Michael Moore

Posted on 8 June 2018 in Media, News, Video

Michael Moore
Featured Ensemble for Doek Festival 2018
Low, Slow, and Wobbly
Thursday June 14 – Splendor

It is incredibly rare to find a musician who is truly a master of free improvisation and traditional jazz forms. It’s reasonably common to find an improviser who can play within the jazz idiom, often in alarming and interesting ways, bending the conventions of the form to fit their interests. It’s also not uncommon to come across a consummate jazz musician who is willing to “go out” from time to time and explore the freedoms of non-idiomatic improvisation. However, a musician who is fully at home in both territories and who can transcend genre to create a personal statement, that is singular. It is also rare to find a musician of unparalleled technique whose music is most striking for its clarity and sensitivity, its lyrical quality. Michael Moore is that rare musician whose music embodies these unique qualities. His abilities have led him to receive numerous awards including the Boy Edgar Prijs and the Bird Award from North Sea Jazz Festival, and his name regularly frequents Downbeat Critics polls for clarinet and saxophone.
Michael Moore hails from California, USA but has been a central figure in Amsterdam since arriving in the late 70s with a street theatre company. Aside from his superb clarinet and saxophone playing, Michael has also contributed his immense talents as an arranger and composer to ensembles including ICP Orchestra, Trio Clusone, the Michael Moore Bigtet, Available jelly and the Fragile Quartet.

Low, Slow and Wobbly

• Michael Moore alto sax, clarinet; Ziv Taubenfeld bass clarinet; Giuseppe Doronzo baritone sax; Salvoandrea Lucifora, Joost Buis trombone

Low, Slow, and Wobbly is a new wind quintet. Michael Moore’s compositions for this group use elements of southern Albanian iso-polyphony and are primarily intimate and meditative.