Jasper Stadhouders – guitar, composition
Past performances have included:
Ibelisse Guardia Ferraguti – performance
Susanna Santos Silva – trumpet
Jeb Bishop – trombone
Keefe Jackson – saxophone
John Dikeman – saxophone
Genevieve Clare Georgina Florence Murphy – bagpipes
Marta Warelis – keys
Paul Koek – drums
Raphael Vanoli – guitar
Leo Svirsky – accordion
Jeroen Kimman – guitar
Jasper Stadhouders – guitar
Brandon Lopez – bass
Philipp Moser – drums
Onno Govaert – drums
Frank Rosaly – drums
Tristan Renfrow – drums


The PolyBand, led by Jasper Stadhouders since April 2015, is built around a variable pool of musicians and performers.

The use of complex, multi-layered polyrhythmic cycles and polytonal environments creates a multifaceted and intricate picture that plays with the expectations, desires and memories of both the performers and audience. Relatively small, subtle changes in movement and sound are precisely timed to create great impact. Duration and repetition are two key elements.

The composition is set up in a way that it can be played by any number of performers. Each performer has a specific freedom within the composition. Various cues are assigned to all players which leads to unexpected shifts and changes.
The goal of this is to attempt a social music where each member is equal and which defies ego and individualism.

The PolyBand is set up in a symmetrical way, often all instruments are either doubled or tripled, to achieve an acoustic stereo sensation.

The PolyBand searches for a music which seems timeless and instantly recognisable while simultaneously expressing the urgency and uniqueness of the here and now.