Photos ©️ Cristina Marx/Photomusix

John Dikeman – saxophone
Marta Warelis – piano
Aaron Lumley – bass
Frank Rosaly – drums

Juniper Fields is a new Amsterdam-based jazz quartet consisting of Polish pianist Marta Warelis, American tenor saxophonist John Dikeman, Puerto Rican drummer Frank Rosaly and Canadian double bassist Aaron Lumley. Formed in early 2019, the group’s music combines fiery free improvisations with otherworldly sonic explorations and deep, fractured grooves. The spirited performances captured on the band’s forthcoming debut album reflect the musicians’ diverse individual backgrounds while simultaneously highlighting their decisive, co-operative approach to collective music-making. Recorded live during 2020’s DOEK Festival, Sunday at De Ruimte gives audiences a preview of the impassioned performances and fresh sounds that Juniper Fields will be bringing to European stages in 2021 and beyond.