• Cor Fuhler
  • Han Bennink
  • Wilbert de Joode

Cor Fuhler – piano, keyolin, organ, melodica
Han Bennink – drums, percussion
Wilbert de Joode – double bass


Three musicians who have made their mark in improvised music unite in this trio that started out in 1995. Cor Fuhler’s musical ideas form the basis on which these accomplished improvisers work. The trio proceeds on the assumption that good improvising should be foremost a positive social experience for the players, and their music is the result of precise interaction, joy, attention to detail and intelligent division of labour. The three members know each other well and can react with lightning-quick response to any twist or turn thrown in by any member. They can effortlessly bring in new themes, stick with an idea that works, or twist an exhausted motif into something more promising.

The music shifts from the pre-composed to instantly composed material. In his compositions, Fuhler shows a composer’s as well as an improviser’s understanding of the way the members of the trio relate. Instant arranging also plays an important part in Fuhler’s approach; Fuhler/Bennink/de Joode take old jazz-forms and comment on them, at the same time blowing new life into the familiar shapes.

The three members, from different generations of improvising musicians, have each played extensively in other combinations and projects. Cor Fuhler has played with groups as various as Mengelberg’s ICP Orchestra, the Nieuw Ensemble, and pop band Palinckx. His love for keyboards has led him not only to use rare electronic synthesizers and organs, but also to build his own instruments such as the keyolin (half violin, half clavichord). Bassist Wilbert de Joode is known for his ability to give his bass an ‘old-fashioned’– and unamplified – sound, moving from groovy accompaniment to bouncing lead lines. The well-known percussionist Han Bennink is the nestor of the trio, but in no way the most subdued. Always fast and in the mood for fun, Bennink follows the twists of Fuhler’s music before taking over with skewed accents, rattling clatter or unexpected caramboles.

The trio recorded their first CD “Bellagram” in 1998. In the same year the very low-budget live CD Zilch appeared. A new CD, “Tinderbox” will be released early in 2003.


“….Fuhler, Bennink and de Joode simultaneously comment on old jazz forms while breathing new life into them. This proves their pedigree as born musicians who not only play existing material beautifully, but also constantly spot reference points from which to develop a whole new sound world.”

Jacqueline Oskamp: De Groene Amsterdammer

“There are the requisite dashes of wry humor and madcap frenzy, but it always seems to proceed with a certain structural logic………………..What is apparent throughout is that these three are astute listeners. They know each other well and can react with lightning-quick response to any twist or turn thrown in by any member. This release is full of surprises at every turn, offering a compelling document proving that the spontaneous invention and masterful interplay of Dutch improvisation is alive and vital.”

Michael Rosenstein: Cadence

“The music is intelligent, but not intellectual; humorous, but not out for effect…..Fuhler is supported by the best collaborative rhythm section in Dutch jazz at present: bassist Wilbert de Joode and drummer Han Bennink. This is music where idiosyncratic fantasy runs rampant.“

LS, Jazz News