TUMULT extravaganza @ Bimhuis seizoensopening!

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TUMULT extravaganza @ Bimhuis seizoensopening!

September 6 at 20:30 both EKE and The Ambush Party play at the opening night of the new season at Bimhuis. The other two Tumult bands are Knalpot and PumpOrgan.

September concerts

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06 EKE and The Ambush Party – Tumult Evening, Bimhuis, Amsterdam
12 EKE – Studio Loos, Den Haag.
15 Eric Boeren 4tet – Jazz Live Im Speicher, Leer, Germany
24 Cactus Truck + Nick Millevoi w/ Dead Neanderthals – Zaal100, Amsterdam
29 Amsterdam meets Istanbul; Korhan Erel, Sevket Akinci, Giray Gürkal, Eva Hoogland, Kenan Tülek, artwork Terry Vreeburg – Amsterdam, venue t.b.a.

Dutch Impro Academy one week away!

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There is just one week left to sign up to DIA, the Dutch Impro Academy, which will be led by 5 of the Lowlands leading improvisers, including legendary percussionist Han Bennink, Doek’s own Oscar Jan Hoogland and Felicity Provan as well as Ernst Glerum and Carl Ludwig Hübsch. As a true improviser, you should have no problem jumping on this opportunity right now! This year we have a fantastic group of artists attending, a number of which are repeat offenders. There is good reason why some of these artists, many of whom are highly regarded improvisers themselves, are coming back again to take part in this incredible artistic experience.

DOEK Festival #11 May 1 – 5 2013

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We’ve had a lot of great press coverage of the festival so check it out here…
Draai om je oren – Ken Vos
Draai om je oren – Jacques Los (photos Maarten Jan Rieder)
Enola – Guy Peters (photos Geert Vandepoele)
Jazzenzo – Jan Jasper Tamboer (photos Charlie Crooijmans)
Volkskrant – Tim Sprangers

Photos from:
Maarten Jan Rieder
Maarten Kerkhof
Geert Vandepoele

Jaïr Tchong brought the Amsterdam Real Book Fietstour to life:

Are we there yet?
Onder intimi loop ik altijd te gillen dat Rotterdam zoveel spannender dan Amsterdam is, want in Amsterdam is immers alles zo aangeharkt en ingedeeld.

Frank Rosaly, John Dikeman site specific tour August 13, Amsterdam leg COPY

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Frank Rosaly and John Dikeman will be doing a series of site specific outdoor performances throughout the Netherlands. The route is approximate.

Part 2
August 13
19.00 Westerpark, under the bridge
20.00 Nieuwe Hemweg, by the thingy
21.00 Bijlmer, Doek headquarters near Metro Kraaienest
Click the link for google map

The August 8 tour was exhilarating and exhausting. Big thanks to everyone involved especially Eric from JazzBlazzt and Gilbert from Koffie en Ambacht.

This tour is supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten as a part of the Balcony Scenes series.