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October 21-22
Friday 19:00 til Saturday 13:00  Reservation required:

Rood Noot, run by three theatre makers, is a former horse stud that now serves as podium, atelier and stable. A beautiful farm that’s just a short bike or bus ride away from Utrecht Central Station. Starting Friday 21 october there’ll be an evening-night-morning event at the farm with concerts and performances by Okapi.

An extraordinary musical experience lasting from Friday evening until Saturday morning. Eleven musicians bring their record players, sirens, bagpipes, paper, guitar, drums, and voices. Okapi is a fairytale orchestra, starting out from enchantingly beautiful, childlike sounds, melodies and harmonies, until the most outrageous sound shoots out from an unexpected combination of instruments. If you were at this year’s Doek Festival closing party you’ll know what we mean.

With: Ibelisse Guardia Ferraguti, Harpo ’t Hart, Oscar Jan Hoogland, Paul Koek, Mei Yi Lee, Ton van der Meer, Genevieve Murphy, John van Oostrum, Frank Rosaly, Mola Sylla, Jochem van Tol.

Including overnight stay (bring your own mattress and sleeping bag), dinner and breakfast.
Reservation required:
tickets €25,- / €17,50 student discount