Zaal 100

Zaal 100Podium for Unheard Sound Zaal 100 is there for everything, but not for all: no private or political parties, or religious meetings, mindless disco or other rituals, but it is there for toe-curling amateurs, remarkable concerts, bizarre dance, poetry of varying quality, exhibitions, mini conferences, meetings and other obscure secret meetings that have difficulty to find a place elsewhere.

Address: De Wittenstraat 100, 1052 BA Amsterdam


bimhuisThe Bimhuis provides a perspective on Dutch and international music in over 300 concerts annually, in which a variety of jazz and improvised music can be enjoyed. The focus is on new developments, but the Bimhuis also offers a significant selection of more mainstream music.

Address: Piet Heinkade 3, 1019 BR Amsterdam

Plantage Dok

PlantagedokPlantage Dok has been hosting wonderful and eccentric food/music/art/chaos evenings on Thursdays for years. Lately, the OOSPRONG series has also been presented there and it’s a go to location for underground performances of all sorts.

Address: Plantage Doklaan 8-12, 1018 CM


foto-voorkant-spinhuisHet Spinhuis, located underneath the Multatuli bridge on the Singel, is about as underground as Amsterdam gets. It’s a squatted space open for everyone. They offer free coffee, donation meals, discussion- and debate-evenings, all kinds of workhops, theatre, art and music. We’ve chosen this vibrant space to showcase the Berlin based Hook, Line & Sinker for 3 late concerts May 1, 2 and 3. It’s always open, so feel free to drop by whenever you like!

Address: Singel 165A, Amsterdam


trouwlocatiesinnederland.nlThe Schellingwouderkerk is a beautiful small church dating back to 1866 and commonly booked for weddings for it’s stunning ambiance.

Address: Wijkergouw 6, 1023 NX Amsterdam

Oedipus Brewing

oedipus_taproomOedipus Brewing represents one of the newest and best of Amsterdam’s new microbrews. Doek is eager to embrace new and innovative artistic endeavors of all sorts and these craft beers are certainly no exception.

Address: Gedempt Hamerkanaal 85, 1021 KP Amsterdam

Atelier 5

AtelierAtelier 5 is the atelier of improviser and visual artist Raoul van der Weide. Raoul has long been one of the strongest forces in the Amsterdam improv scene at getting musicians together. Whether inviting newcomers to sessions with various mainstays of the local scene or organizing meetings with touring musicians, this atelier has been crucial to forming the vibrant, multi-faceted community we have in Amsterdam today.

Address: Zuiderzeeweg 31, 1095 KZ Amsterdam

Café de Ceuvel

cafe-de-ceuvel-amsterdamCafé de Ceuvel is a planned workplace for creative and social enterprises adjacent to the van Hasselt canal off the river IJ in Amsterdam North. Amsterdam north has become a thriving area of activity in the past couple years and De Ceuvel stands out as one of the most frequented locations for eating, drinking, and socializing. They also present theater, live music, film and various workshops and classes.

Address: Korte Papaverweg 4, 1032 KB Amsterdam

De Ruimte

de-ruimre-01De Ruimte, another new location in Amsterdam North, is possibly the venue which has the most improvised music events going on in Amsterdam. Aside from programming both local and international artists, they also boost an excellent kitchen. We are all very pleased we will have the dinner for the bicycle tour at this location!

Address: Distelweg 83, 1031 HD Amsterdam


1618308_841908305834203_6407679151846899265_o1Maakland is a workplace for children. You can make a go-cart, a tree house, giant pumpkin, whatever you want! For our children’s programme a group of improvisers will simply show up and play impromptu solos, duos etc.. Weather permitted (it does rain a lot here in Amsterdam).

Address: Valentijnkade 131, 1095 KH Amsterdam

Whether you’re biking, walking or using public transport, it’s good to know where you are going. Here’s a map with all Doek locations.