EYE on Art: Time, forwards! Soviet Constructivist Cinema feat. ZEA!

Posted on 15 September 2015 in News


Tuesday September 15

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Time, forwards! Soviet Constructivist Cinema
with live music by Arnold de Boer (ZEA/The Ex) guitar and electronics

An evening on constructivism and films from the Soviet Union – from the beginnings of the artists’ group LEF in the wake of the Russian Revolution to the period after 1965 when these industrial aesthetics were again invoked.
Sviridov’s orchestral suite ‘Time, Forwards’ provided the basis for this ‘revival’ of constructivism. It is one of the emblematic music pieces from the Soviet era and became a sort of calling card for the USSR. Since 1986 it was used as the signature tune of Vremya , the news programme of USSR Central Television. Its theme recurs in many films, including Theodore Ushev ‘s Tower Bawher. The title was taken from Vladimir Mayakovsky’s play Banya.

With fragments from:
Baryshnya i khuligan (The Young Lady and the Hooligan) – a film co-directed by Mayakovsky and Evgeny Slavinsky in 1918 (restoration of this rarely shown film by EYE)

Aelita (Queen of Mars) (Yakov Protazanov, 1924)

Odinnadtsatij, trailer (The Eleventh Day)(SUHH, Dziga Vertov, 1928,)

Time, Forward! Opening (Vremya, vperyod!) (SUHH, Sophia Milkina, Mikhail Schweitzer, 1965)

Nas mars (Our March)(SUHH, Alexander Svetlov, Alexander Sheyn, 1970, Mosfilm (Soviet Union)

Tower Bawher (Canada, Theodore Ushev, 2006, NFB)

In English.