Eddie and the Eagles: Pied noir

Posted on 18 March 2014 in News, Uncategorized

March 20 @ OT301
Doek and Eddie the Eagle Museum present:
Eddie and the Eagles: Pied noir

eddie & Eagles

The Job’s Paco Mania: Paco and the Backscratchers returns.
The Job has its roots in a few punky bands that were often one-offs for birthday or new year’s parties at squats in Amsterdam. The band’s going for it with a irresistible full on yeah yeah, come on everybody attitude. Our all time favourite Paco and the Backscratchers will be brought back to life for this concert of The Job.

Fata ‘el moustache’ Morgana: World famous in Amsterdam. Known for their early hits “Mooie Mannen” and “Pindakaas” and their more serious English approach in the years after, they have taken a long sabbatical and will be back for their first concert in a year. We expect a lot of new songs, more of the same and better in this 3rd reincarnation of Fata ‘el moustache’ Morgana!

Muziek buiten de concertzaal: Cellist Leonard Besseling and violinist Myrthe Helder have been playing top of the bill classical music in bars in town. Leonard will put an ensemble together to play a concert at the bar in Studio 2.

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