Dutch Impro Academy – August 23-29

Posted on 20 August 2015 in Concerts, News

happyhansmallThe Dutch Impro Academy is about to start off again this year featuring a top-notch faculty culled from the ICP Orchestra and Doek and the largest number of international participants ever. This year we will be collaborating with the Royal Conservatoire in Den Haag who will be hosting us for the week. There will be two performances concluding the Academy, one on August 27 in Den Haag at the wonderful venue De Nieuwe Regentes, followed by a performance in Amsterdam August 29 at the Bimhuis.

Aside from the DIA program, De Nieuwe Regentes also happens to be hosting another improvisation related program this week – NAIP or New Audiences and Innovative Practice. They will have their own performance at De Nieuwe Regentes Friday night but, time allowing, there will also be a jam session featuring members of DIA and NAIP after the main DIA performance in Den Haag on the 27th.

DIA faculty

Han Bennink drums
Ernst Glerum double bass
Mary Oliver violin, viola
Eric Boeren cornet
Wilbert De Joode double bass
John Dikeman saxophone