Musicians Talk: Drums

Posted on 18 March 2021 in Media, News, Video


Han Bennink, John Engels, Michael Vatcher and Frank Rosaly talk about playing along with records on newspapers and kitchen chairs, about lefthanded set ups and about tuning a snare drum. “Jo Jones always played with the snares off!”

On tour, over dinner, in the car, in the train, at airports, during and after rehearsals musicians don’t tend to talk much about music, but when they do you get to hear ins and outs that somehow never seem to surface in articles.

Many thanks to Micha de Kanter and Philip ten Brink for the recordings and Seelthe van Boeckel for the editing.
Many thanks to Bimhuis for setting up the table and providing us with the equipment.
And many thanks to Carolyn Muntz for being the spider in the web of the Doek Musicians Collective.