Doek @ Vondelpark/bunker – July 27 hosted by John Dikeman

Posted on 22 July 2014 in News, Uncategorized

Reife_und_grüne_Bhut_JolokiaBBQ @ Vondelpark 15:00
Fresh meat courtesy of Nicolas Chienteroli, Ada Rave and Mark Morse
And featuring the worlds hottest chilli: The Bhut Jolokia

Music @ Vondelbunker 21:00
Donné et Desirée
Dead Neanderthals
Dagora featuring Phil Wood

For the July edition of Doek @ XYZ we will be enjoying the summer sun in Vondelpark for an afternoon bbq followed by three amazing live acts at the Vondelbunker.

For the BBQ we have asked Argentinian power-couple Nicolas Chienteroli and Ada Rave to slow cook some meat in the proper Argentinian fashion. Bringing more diverse fare to the BBQ will be Mark Morse, author of the excellent Amsterdam based food blog Vegetarian Duck. Mark has also been instructed to cook at least one dish featuring the hottest chili* in the world, the Bhut Jolokia.

Because we have to get supplies, please rsvp to Mark Morse here:
We’ll be asking a small donation for eating.

After the BBQ we can all head to the Vondelbunker to hear three amazing, noisey, extreme improv groups: Donné et Desirée, Dead Neanderthals and Dagora featuring Phil Wood. After eating the hottest chili in the world we thought it made sense to have some mind altering music as well. This part of the program is free entrance so be sure to check it out!

*may not currently be the hottest chilli in the world. Who cares…. it’s still rather hot!