doek impro workshop with ada rave

Posted on 28 September 2021 in News

Doek is presenting a series of impro workshops in Splendor. This Saturday 2 October Ada Rave will lead the workshop. Her approach: ‘In this workshop we will compose music together through spontaneous communication, working on expanding our palette of sounds and using it as material for improvisation. We will play with textural and formal ideas to let the music move through the space.’

The daylong workshop will comprise two sessions (11-13.30 and 15-17) followed by a presentation concert in the evening. Cost of the workshop is €20 and €15 for students. We will follow all COVID-19 regulations and precautions that apply at the time of the workshop. If you’re interested in taking part, contact Carolyn at .

The Doek approach to improvisation is not tied to any particular style, it’s about self-expression and drawing on musical experiences to create in the moment. The workshops will help you find your own improvisational voice and develop skills and insights around creativity, listening, concentration, memory, energy, intention, trust, respect, decision-making, risk-taking and responsibility. A different Doek musician will lead each workshop, so every workshop will be different – and fun! Coming up:

23 October Wilbert de Joode
06 November Oscar Jan Hoogland
20 November Marta Warelis
18 December Jasper Stadhouders
08 january 2022 John Dikeman