Only a few days until the start of Doek Festival LIVE! We kick off with 4 nights in De Brakke Grond, every night a concert at 22:30 in the fabulous Peepshow Palace. A Doek festival wouldn’t be a Doek festival without at least one night in the Bimhuis, and we are lucky to have snaffled two of the coveted Saturday night spots on August 1. On Sunday 2 August, musicians will open their gardens and other open air spaces between 12 and 5pm to let you hear what they’ve been up to in the last months. And then it’s on to the Roze Tanker, where we close the festival with a concert from Nico Chientaroli’s octet and some general merry making. Yes folks, it’s a real festival, LIVE!

Tuesday 28 July

Peepshow Palace – De Brakke Grond – 22:30

Wollo’s Brass Blast
Eric Boeren: cornet
Wolter Wierbos: trombone
Joost Buis: trombone
Partick Votrian: trombone / tuba / sousaphone
Salvoandrea Lucifora: trombone / sousaphone

Wollo’s Brass Blast is a brass quintet, especially put together by Wolter Wierbos for the Peep Show Palace. The basic trio of three top trombonists is supplemented by Eric Boeren on cornet and Salvoandrea Lucifora on trombone and sousaphone.
“We are going to play a set highlighting the rich and varied brass repertoire and drawing from world music, folk music and jazz. All this interspersed with surprising improvisations from the group members. Come along and enjoy our sounds!” —Wolter Wierbos.

Wednesday 29 July

Peepshow Palace – De Brakke Grond – 22:30

Mary Oliver: violin and viola
Jasper Stadhouders: acoustic guitar and mandolin
Uldis Vitols: double bass
Frank Rosaly: drums
Harpo ‘t Hart: analogue synthesizer

Two years ago, this QUINTET played the Doek Festival – This is Our Music. Plucked and bowed string instruments, drums, percussion and a self built analog modular synthesizer. There’s a strong focus on the contrast between the directness of the acoustic instruments and the process-managing “indirectness” of the electronic modular synthesizer. The instruments could sound as far apart from each other as Mars from planet Earth or can blend seamlessly like a body of water, or any and everything in between; with these musicians and this instrumentation, sonic possibilities are limitless.

Thursday 30 July

Peepshow Palace – De Brakke Grond – 22:30

Ada Rave: tenor sax, bass clarinet
Oscar Jan Hoogland: electric clavichord

Rave: I feel attracted to these imaginary worlds of science fiction and post apocalyptic times, from literature to cartoons, in characters, stories, landscapes. So many great scenes. These impressions could appear as a smell in my brain while improvising with Oscar Jan Hoogland.

A metal woodwind and a self-made electric clavichord could be futuristic objects a couple of centuries ago, forming and shaping the sound, moving the energy, provoking soundscapes through time, flying to imaginary worlds.

Mofaya! Ft. Farida Amadou
John Dikeman: tenor sax
Farida Amadou: electric bass
Aleksandar Škorić: drums

Mofaya! featuring Farida Amadou is a free-form freak fest of frothing fairies, fantastical flights of fractal formations, fetuses fuming frenetically from the fulcrum of magisterial fantasms of fate. Fumigations refract your funky chicken fingers, feelers mitigating frumpy healers from chunky dealers cast afar, away… Free jazz!

Friday 31 July

Peepshow Palace – De Brakke Grond – 22:30

The Persons
Michael Moore: alto sax, clarinet, melodica, compositions
Jeroen Kimman: guitar
Jasper Stadhouders: guitar
Miguel Petruccelli: bass
Michael Vatcher: drums

The Persons – an experiment with close, interlocking harmony on electric guitars, rock grooves and Indonesian musical influences, began in New York City in 1977. In the intervening years the group has had many incarnations and released three recordings, all with Michael Vatcher and Michael Moore along with other guitarists and bassists. It’s a lot of fun to do, and whenever we have a chance to play the repertoire we will. This incarnation will feature guitarists Jeroen Kimman & Jasper Stadhouders, and bassist Miguel Petruccelli.

Saturday 1 August

Bimhuis – 19:30

Ada Rave: tenor sax/bass clarinet
Marta Warelis: piano
Tristan Renfrow: drums

These skillful players invite you for a fearless journey into melodically rich, texturally dense and greatly energetic planes, where high speed motivic repetitiveness becomes a long, gradually evolving wave that reaches shores of sedate islands, just to bounce back.

Bimhuis – 22:00

Ab Baars: tenor sax/clarinet
Oscar Jan Hoogland: piano
Uldis Vitols: double bass
Onno Govaert: drums

Let the piano speak and find out what it has to say. It is this approach to playing the piano that formed the starting point for the compositions Oscar Jan Hoogland wrote for LOOT. With Ab Baars, Uldis Vitols and Onno Govaert, Hoogland has brought together the perfect musicians to play this new music. These men stand strong in their own counterpoint, let their instruments’ voices speak, are true masters of heterophonic swing and, most importantly, they are incredible improvisers.

Sunday 2 August

various locations 12:00 – 17:00
Musicians Open Ateliers

Musicians host you in their gardens or ateliers. Drop in between 12 and 5, hear some music, talk about it, have a drink, share some ideas. Entrance by donation, the musicians decide what they will do and when.

12:00 – 17:00 – Eerste Atjehstraat 146hs, 1094 KV

Superinca Galactic Green
Acoustic Garden Hang with Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti vocals, Thijs Elzinga guitar, Joop Bollinger guitar, Oscar Jan Hoogland keyboards, Marcos Baggiani percussion

14:00 – 17:00 – Levantkade 9, 1019 MC
Mark Nieuwenhuis trumpets and electronics, and Chris Corstens saxes, flutes and electronics will make soundscapes and beats in the garden.

14:30 – 17:00 – Koppelingpad 10, 1033 NM
Nora Mulder (piano) is in her garden and studio with Mary Oliver (violin) and Greetje Bijma (voice). Together they form Picatrix. They’ll play as trio, in duos and solo, meanwhile taking turns to pour the lemonade and pass around the sandwiches.

12:00 – 17:00, live music 13:00, 14:00, 15:00  – Fazantenweg 53 1021 HL

Take a seat on the street and watch the musicians through the windows of this former corner store. Streetview is an artistic collective with Maya Felixbrodt, Christine Cornwell and Miriam den Boer, who work and create in the VogelLab, and together organise projects and events that make a bridge between the art space and community space. The location in the hart of the Vogelbuurt in Amsterdam Noord is a constant source of inspiration. The space is both separated and present, observing while being observed and these challenges are at the root of the collective. During the open atelier there will be musical encounters between Streetview Collective and friends, as well as an exhibition about their work over the past year. With Maria Mavridou, Aleksandar Skoric, Ell Sol and others. And drinks and snacks. Be welcome!

13:00 – 15:00 – De Ruimte (which space? We don’t know! More info coming soon!)

Your thang
New ensemble of John Dikeman, Marta Warelis, Aaron Lumely and Frank Rosaly. Join them for their very first rehearsal as they improvise together, pontificate on the nature of group improvising, argue about the sometimes necessary nature of subjugating voices within a group, fume over presumed roles and responsibilities, quiver in insecurity from being picked apart by their peers. Come wipe the sweat off their brows as they lay prostrate, bleeding from the fists that have bloodied each others instruments as a last resort to finally make someone shut the fuck up and listen for once. Have a beer. It’ll be nice!

De Roze Tanker – 19:00
Owlman 2 sets

Nico Chientaroli – voice, piano, synth
Hernan Sama – alto and tenor sax
Ziv Taubenfeld – bass clarinet
Jan Willem van der Ham – bassoon, baritone sax
Miguel Petruccelli – guitar
Pau Sola – cello
Renato Ferreira – bass
Onno Govaert – drums

For part of his career Nico Chientaroli has moved inside the acoustic sounds of the piano, experimenting and expanding the boundaries of this instrument. In various projects he also used the voice as another possible element in the improvisation. But a few years ago he felt strongly attracted to the sonic world of synthesizers, started giving more importance to singing, and decided to form a group where both acoustic and electric could operate together – a group whose personality could be shaped by different grooves in combination with texts and psychedelic atmospheres. Recalling the great sensibility of the owl, an ancient friend of the misty shadows, who sees through the dark, this group is called Owlman.