Doek Composes – Passage by Kaja Draksler

Posted on 6 November 2020 in Audio, Concerts

Doek Composes for solo improvisers, a new and ongoing series on Doek RAW featuring original artwork by Lena Czerniawska

The second publication in this series on Doek RAW is composed by pianist Kaja Draksler. She wrote a piece called Passage. When we asked her to write a short text to accompany her composition, she created a poem by combining definitions from the Cambridge dictionary.


A way of escape.

The passage of time- the process of time going past.

A hollow part of the body through which something goes.

A short piece of writing or music that is part of a larger piece.

A journey (especially over the sea).

An act of moving through somewhere.

A connecting way.

The right to travel or leave a place.

–The definitions are from the Cambridge Online Dictionary

Jasper Stadhouders asked his friend Lana Khaskia to translate this poem to Arabic, and to record herself reciting it. Below the written Arabic translation.


الطريق في الهروب

رحلة الزمن- عودة الزمن الى الوراء

ثقب في الجسد يمر عبره شيئا ما

قطعة قصيرة ادبية او موسيقية تكون جزء من قطعة اكبر منها

سفر ( خصوصا عبر البحر)

فعل حركة لمكان ما

الطريق في اللقاء

الحق في السفر او مغادرة المكان

Doek composes
One of the main pillars of Doek is how improvising musicians deal with composed musical elements. When the world was struck by the corona virus and all of us were asked to isolate ourselves as much as possible, we thought: what can we do to perpetuate our music and still share it with our audience and each other? We came up with the simple idea that each Doek member, who feels so inclined, composes a piece for solo improvisers. Each Doek member, who feels so inclined, records each composition in his or her own way, which results in a broad palette of interpretations of the exact same composed material, but played in completely unique ways by each player. It’s an open invitation to compose and record. It gives an image of who we are individually as composers, improvisers and interpreters. Completely in line with Doek’s vision. Next to that, these compositions could easily be included in Doek’s Amsterdam Real Book project, which is a vast and open ended collection of compositions written by Amsterdam composers in Amsterdam for Amsterdam improvisers.