All Ellington @ Zaal 100 – Tuesday October 21

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Tuesday – 21:00 €5
Michael Moore – alto sax and clarinet; Natalio Sued – tenor sax; Christian Ferlaino – baritone sax; Jimmy Sernesky – trumpet; Eric Boeren – cornet; Joost Buis – trombone; Jodi Gilbert – voice; Oscar Jan Hoogland – piano; Wilbert de Joode – bass; Michael Vatcher – drums

No straight up Ellington with this band: Doek musicians would not be Doek musicians if they didn’t give the music their own twist, while treating the material with love and respect. As Jazzflits wrote: “Those moments of freedom, those interpretations larded with contemporary impro elements, made the music much more than just a performance of Ellington”.