Club 100 – curated by Kaja Draksler

Posted on 28 March 2016 in Uncategorized

DrakslerClub100 Doek member Kaja Draksler curates Club 100
Wednesday 30 March

Kaja: I think this is going to be my first time playing classical music in public. With real pros!
Very much looking forward to this Wednesday (8PM!). Improvisations, compositions, dance, music theatre, folklore, classical, improvised, new and old music…

– Kusuda/Hewitt
Kenzo Kusuda- dance/ James Hewitt- baroque violin, dance
– Matīss Čudars
solo guitar
– Silova/ Heyndels
Elina Silova- voice/ Lennart Heyndels- bass
– Belle Di Mai: Travelling Voices
Alice Casarosa, Irene Raminga Rametta- voice
-For soprano, violin, and piano • M. Feldman
-L’amero, aria from “Il Re Pastore” • W.A. Mozart
Björk Níelsdóttir- soprano/ George Dumitriu- violin/ Kaja Draksler- piano
-Omphalomancy • K.Draksler, text by Andriana Minou
-The F Word • M. Čudars/K.Draksler, text by A.Minou
-Ever…Much…Dissolve • K.Draksler
-The Builder • K.Draksler, text by P.Neruda
-Gledalec • K.Draksler, text by G.Strniša
Björk Níelsdóttir, Elina Silova- voice/ George Dumitriu- violin, viola/ Ab Baars- clarinet, saxophone/ Kaja Draksler- piano/ Lennart Heyndels- bass/ Matīss Čudars- guitar
Lights and stage design by Roelof Pothuis