The Ambush Party at Jazzdag

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The Ambush Party cropJune 26
@ Hotel New York Rotterdam
free entrance

The Ambush Party will give a concert at the Jazzdag!
Natalio Sued tenor sax
Oscar Jan Hoogland piano
Harald Austbø cello
Marcos Baggiani drums

For more information visit the website of the Jazzdag.

Doek @ Zaal 100 June 28

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slide-wolter-wierbos2Doek @ Zaal 100
Sunday 28 June
20:00 – free entry!

Wolter Wierbos hosts trombone night

With Sam Kulik, Koen Kaptijn, Joost Buis, Salvoandrea Lucifora

Doek @ Zaal 100 is a monthly meeting place for music, discussion, art and drinks. For this edition Wolter Wierbos has brought together an exceptional crew of trombonists from around the world coming from both classical and jazz backgrounds. Some of them are based in the Netherlands, and a couple are just travelling though. Either way, this will be an unbelievable evening of trombone madness including improvisation, discussion over the music and the instrument, and since there are some doublers in the group, a few guitars might pop up as well.

Han Bennink, Oscar Jan Hoogland and Peter Evans @ NSJ

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Han benninkJuly 10
@ North Sea Jazz Rotterdam
sold out!

Oscar Jan, Peter & Han will play trio at the coming North Sea Jazz Festival.
Han Bennink is artist in residence for this edition of Holland’s biggest jazz festival. After having played many duo gigs, on this occasion Oscar Jan Hoogland and Han Bennink will be joined by the phenomenal Peter Evans for a trio performance.
For more information visit the website.

Eddie and the Eagles – FIN DU SAISON

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Russolo-IntonarumoEddie and the Eagles: my skin is still singing


Thursday July 2nd
21:00 – 8 euro

Facebook event


My skin is still singing:
Makiko Ito/Michael Schumacher, movement, Oscar Jan Hoogland, music, Ellen Knops, lights

4 of Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities performed by Harald Austbø
4 Orchestras in 1: The Veenfabriek Siren Orchestra, The Phonograph Orchestra, The Paper Ensemble, The Synthworkshop, featuring
Paul Koek, Mola Sylla, Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti, Jasper Stadhouders, Oscar Jan Hoogland, Jochem van Tol, Genevieve Murphy, John van Oostrum, Ton van der Meer, Frank Rosaly.

Doek Festival Video Blog #3

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Excerpts of Saturday and Sunday’s concerts with commentary from Kevin Whitehead. By Elsie Vermeer and Seeltje van Boeckel.

Doek Festival blog #6

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Blog 6: Monday 8 June

by Kevin Whitehead
photography by Sara Anke Morris

Sunday, the final day of the Doek/Tri-Centric festival, let us listeners quietly come down from all the excitement the orchestra built up last week. A few American guests lingered to play yesterday’s four-stop bicycle tour. Still high from Saturday’s Misha Mengelberg retrospective, wherever we went musicians were playing his tunes. We only made it to half the biking gigs—partly because everyone has to sleep sometime, partly because when a house manager tells us we’ll need to don blindfolds in order to be seated, as at the Pianola Museum, we are tiptoeing backwards out the door.

doek festival blog #5

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Blog #5 June 7
Sounds checked
by Kevin Whitehead

The Doek/Tri-Centric orchestra was playing the slow parts of Ingrid Laubrock’s “Offering,” soundchecking on Saturday afternoon. Glowing chords wafted up from the ensemble, and the beautiful blend of distinctive voices sounded eerily like some lost Gil Evans classic of the early 1960s: you could listen to those harmonies all day. This band/ensemble/musicians pool of 19 achieved that delicate balance of individual voices and collective strengths that makes jazz such a popular metaphor for societal relationships (and vice versa).

doek festival video blog #2

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Excerpts of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s concerts with commentary from Kevin Whitehead and a word from Anthony Braxton! Video by Elsie Vermeer and Seeltje van Boeckel.