The Job at Paradiso

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This thursday OKTOBER 2nd The Job will play at Paradiso.
They are the last band of the night after The Shady Greys and Canshaker Pi.
With a bigger line up again! So far they have always had somebody playing in the band for the first time everytime The Job played as a bigger band.

Bimhuis 40th Anniversary

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bim40-folderIn October 2014, the Bimhuis in Amsterdam reaches the proud age of forty. Its middle-age spread will fill the whole season with a range of activities and special events, starting with the kick-off weekend from the first of October.

For Doek related activities: October 4 will feature the Doek project, the Amsterdam Real Book, spearheaded by Oscar Jan Hoogland.

Cactus Truck news – CD, Festivals, Tours

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cactusseizuressmallSeizures Palace new CD on Not Two / Tractata Records

Fourth Wind extract

Krakow Jazz Autumn
Sep 29
Are You FREE? Oct 10
London Jazz Festival Nov 22

Europe Sep 29 – Oct 10
USA Dec 5 – Dec 24

First up is the release of their latest album Seizures Palace on the Polish Not Two Records.

Ambush Party – Circus LP Release Party Nov 1

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The Ambush Party - Circus

The Ambush Party – Circus

Circus LP Release Party
November 1 @ Plantage Dok

Featuring live artwork by Theo Tomson

“Faithful to its name and to the circus life, The Ambush Party delivers a wild, engaging ride. ****”

Eyal Hareuveni, All About Jazz

The Ambush Party has released their second album, Circus, on Platenbakkerij.

New Releases

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Almeida, Dikeman, Hadow - O Monstro

O Monstro

Almeida, Dikeman, Hadow – O Monstro (Creative Sources)
Ambush Party – Circus (Platenbakkerij)
Cactus Truck – Seizures Palace (Not Two/Tractata)
Holy Rollers – Confessions – Live at OT 301 (Nachtstück Records)
John Dikeman – The Double Trio (Astral Spirits)

There are many new albums by Doek artists in formats including digital only, tape, CD and high quality LP that have been released in the past couple months.